Rev. June, 2015

For the safety of our club members, guests and visitors, all operations at the flying field are subjected to the rules and regulations of the Menifee Valley Flyers (MVF) under the guidelines of the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA). In addition to these rules, all members must follow the latest AMA Safety Code.

1.      Aircraft operations:

1.1.            All models shall be started and ran with the prop blast blowing towards the runway. Any model that is being lifted off the ground to adjust the engine must be carried at least ten (10) feet towards the runway before run-up with the prop blast away from the pits.

1.2.            When powering up an electric aircraft in the pits area, accidental motor start-ups should be managed via arm switch or propeller removal. If the electric motor needs to be tested in the pits area, the propeller must be removed; no spinning propellers in the pits area.

1.3.            All taxiing will be outside of the pilot stations and run-up area.

1.4.            Only pilots, spotters and students with their instructors are allowed at the flight line. Spectators must remain behind the fence in the pits area.

1.5.            All flights shall be west of the runway centerline in a normal flight pattern determined by the prevailing wind direction (north pattern is counter-clockwise, south pattern is clockwise). At no time shall a pilot purposely fly over the pits, spectator or parking areas.

1.6.            All flying should be done from the flight line; no flying from the pits stations.

1.7.            Make directional calls and state your intentions when there are two (2) or more aircraft in the air at the same time.

1.8.            Helicopters and multi-rotors aircrafts are to give the right of way to fixed wing and a courtesy call should state their intention upon taking to the airspace.

1.9.            All First Person View (FPV) activities must be in accordance with AMA Document #550 (Radio Controlled Model Aircraft Operation Utilizing First Person View Systems).

1.10.        Spotters are mandatory for all FPV operations.

1.11.        Anytime a new model is flown for the first time, everyone on the flight line and pit area must be notified of such, so as to be on the defensive in case the new plane has “technical problems.”

1.12.        No more than 5 airplanes in the air at one time. The use of spotters is highly recommended when several airplanes are flying at the same time.

1.13.        No turbine powered aircrafts are allowed to fly at this field.

1.14.        Above all, common sense should be the bottom line.


2.      Frequency control:  All aircraft operations not using spread spectrum radio gear (2.4 GHz) shall be subject to strict frequency control as follow:

2.1.      You must have some form of identification on the frequency board, and announce your intentions prior to turning on your transmitter.

2.2.      If more than one person is on the same frequency, the time limit for using that frequency shall be fifteen (15) minutes per interval.

2.3.      All club sanctioned contests  allowing the usage of non-spread spectrum radio gear must have a transmitter impound area:

2.3.1.        Only one (1) transmitter per frequency shall be issued at a time.

2.3.2.        At the completion of the flight, the transmitter must be returned to the impound area.

3.      Field Usage

3.1.            Any use of the field for other than organized sport flying is not allowed with the following exceptions:

3.1.1.      The use of the field must be brought up at a general membership meeting.

3.1.2.      Permission to use the field will be granted by a majority vote of the members present at that general meeting.

3.1.3.      The field may be closed to open flying for repair work, maintenance, or scheduled MVF events.

3.2.            All members must be given a minimum of two (2) weeks’ notice prior to closing the field to open flying. This notice shall be by postal mail, e-mail and/or posted on the club website.

3.3.            This is your field; pick up after yourself.

3.4.            Do not dispose of empty fuel containers at the field; they must go with you.

3.5.            Firearms, alcoholic beverages, or open fires of any kind are not permitted at the flying field.

3.6.            If you chose to bring animals to the field, they must be restrained at all times and kept on a leash.

4.      Members and guests

4.1.            Any person that operates a model aircraft at the club field must maintain and be able to provide proof of current AMA membership.

4.2.            All Club members with little or no prior flying experience are required to receive flight training from an MVF Club flight instructor prior to the use of the field.

4.3.            New pilots training must be done using a “buddy box”.

4.4.           New members or guest pilots flying at the field for the first time with prior flight training and/or experience must initially demonstrate basic flight proficiency under the supervision of an MVF Club flight instructor or board member prior to the use of the field.

4.5.            Members may invite guests to fly at the field providing they meet the following requirements:

4.5.1.      A member shall only have two (2) guest pilots per day.

4.5.2.      The member inviting the guest(s) must be present at the field while they are flying. If the member leaves, the guest(s) must stop flying.

4.5.3.      The guest pilot(s) must show proof of current AMA membership.

4.5.4.      Each guest pilot is allowed to fly a maximum of three (3) days in one (1) calendar year.

4.6.            Other AMA sanctioned clubs may be invited to fly at the field on a temporary basis provided that the following conditions are met:

4.6.1.      Approval is granted by a simple majority vote at a general membership meeting prior to inviting the club.

4.6.2.      All flyers must display current membership in both the AMA and their club prior to flying.

4.6.3.      They must be instructed in our field safety rules and field operations prior to flying.

4.6.4.      A fixed time limit will be established for their use of the field, i.e. three months, six months, etc.

4.7.            Foul language and off colored jokes will not be tolerated when women, children’s and visitors are present at the field. Remember, we represent the AMA and this is a family club.

5.      Field rules amendment

5.1.            These General Rules may be amended at a General or Special membership meeting, provided the following conditions are met:

5.1.1.      A proposed amendment must be submitted in writing to the President, Vice President or Secretary.

5.1.2.      The officer receiving the proposed amendment will convene a Board of Directors meeting, to discuss the submitted amendment.

5.1.3.      At the next general membership meeting, copies of the proposed amendment will be handed out to all members present and the proposal will be discussed. Members not present at the general meeting will be informed via email and/or the Clubs website.

5.1.4.      Said proposal will then be voted on at the next general membership meeting. Approval requires a majority vote of all members present at said meeting.