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Open to all current AMA members, the Menifee Valley Flyers, prides itself in being one of the friendliest clubs around. We have a great membership and if you would like to learn how to fly RC airplanes, we can pair you up with one of our talented instructors. The club holds a monthly night fly on the first Saturday of the month beginning at dusk and a float fly on the forth Saturday of every month. There are also special events like our fun fly events throughout the year.To find more information please visit our field and talk to our members or check out the rest of this site.  You might just find a special home with the MVF that will last you a lifetime. Our field is conveniently located near the intersection of Simpson Road and Menifee Road across from the Heritage Lake Community (see map below) just atop the hill look for the cars and sign near the road. Members are almost flying every day you can not miss us. No snobbery here you do not need to be an expert everyone lands hard at some point young or old just part of the hobby. Come impress us with your hard landings we are waiting.


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Regular scheduled Monthly events
club meetings 3rd Saturday Field 9am
Night Fly 1st Saturday dusk at the field
Float Fly 4th Saturday Heritage Lake 8am

The natural function of the wing is to soar upwards and carry that which is heavy up to the place where dwells the race of gods. More than any other thing that pertains to the body it partakes of the nature of the divine.
— Plato, Phaedrus

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